Thursday 15 October 2015

(Reg. No. 3525 dated 4.9.1986)
Ambika Bhavan, 206 J.S. S Road, Girgaon Mumbai-400 004
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J H Pawar                             Suresh Savant                        Mangesh V Parab
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No. P-III/10-1 /Misc/CBS/2015-16                                                                                    14th Oct 2015
Shri. A K Dash IPS
Chief Postmaster General
Maharashtra Circle
Mumbai- 400 001

Sub- Continued major problems in CBS offices-Request for immediate intervention

Ref:- Our union letter dated       /06/2014

Respected Sir,

Your kind & authoritative attention is invited to our above mentioned reference & personal interaction with then CPMG in which he had given assurances for concrete remedy. Despite of this, no improvement on any section till the time & leaving the operative officials into lurch. In addition to the issues placed in the previous references, the following major issues may be addressed to make a conducive working atmosphere & friendly customer service which is now a nightmare.

1.       Single-handed & double-handed post offices bandwidth issue & its implications at operative level:-
Assurances was purportedly given by administration to increase the bandwidth in single-
handed & double-handed CBS post offices. However till date, the, the assurances have been thrown to the wind & still mostly the single-handed & double handed CBS post offices are running on same bandwidth of 256 kbps for the primary BSNL/MTNL Line & 128 kbps for secondary Sify line. The reality is that most of the time during counters hours in MFL Divisions; the officials working in single-handed offices are just starring at plain white screen logging into finacle.
                As a result, it is frequently witnessed that officials have to compel to travel physically all the way to a nearby Head Office of the Sub offices concerned which is having higher bandwidth & feed the entries received across the counter. This has become a routine happening in almost all rural divisions, or else the officials having no other choice have to face the customer ire as well as anger & are forced to divert the customer to the nearby sub-office having higher bandwidth. This is likely to result in drastic reduction of number of transactions in single-handed & double-handed post offices. If this trend continues, the single-handed & double handed post offices may become an extinct category of post offices on account of poor statistics & death knell will be sounded on these offices for closure by administration in the name of establishment review.

2.       DC Closure issue:-
Consequent to the increase in large number of post offices in CBS, it was experienced for the past two-three months that the Data Centre Closure process is executed during day time that too during peak counter hours, this result in slow accessibility of finacle throughout the Circle as well as country. Irrespective of bandwidth, the finacle slowness has been experienced in all post offices in the recent past. When the counter & the data centre closure of previous working day ends at late night the officials are made to stay during night hours to complete the EOD process.
Also it very unfortunate to mention that division offices are not controlling these situations properly & tossing the responsibilities on RO/CO. SPOC at divisional level should be not below the rank of ASP. But unfortunately some division offices are appointing system administrators who are already overburdened as a SPOC instead of ASP & tossing the responsibilities on their shoulder without taking any decisions in isolated or extra ordinary circumstances.

3.       Inward cheque clearing operations:-
Due to finacle slowness the most affected operation is the cheque clearing operation. The clearing house sends the images of the cheques to the respective Head Offices at around 8.00 am in the morning. The onus of furnishing the information pertaining to bounced cheque, that too before 11 am to the clearing House, lies on the respective Head Offices. If the information pertaining to bounced cheque is not received before 11 am from concerned HO’s, the entire amount of Inward clearance are deemed to be cleared by clearing house.
This cheque clearing operation is time-bound operation. During finacle slowness, this operation is hampered to a major extent. The officials are not able to furnish the Bounced Cheque information before 11.00 am. As a result, clearing house takes all the cheques as “cleared” even though some of cheque might have not been cleared & ought to be bounced. The amount pertaining to the Bounced cheque has to be borne by the poor officials working in cheque clearing branch. This is major risk factor on the part of the officials working in CBS.
                You are therefore requested to take immediate action to set right the issues cropped up because               of CBS & stop further faulty migration of offices into CBS till the reported problems are sorted out.

                A line of reply & early action is highly appreciated.

                With profound greetings

                Thanking you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                            (Surendra S Palav)
                                                                                                                            Offg. Circle Secretary