Wednesday 23 August 2017

गणेश चतुर्थी च्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा


          Congratulations and Revolutionary Greetings to all General Secretaries, NFPE Office Bearers, Circle/Divisional and Branch  Secretaries of All Unions of NFPE including GDS Union for making One Day Strike on dated 23.08.2017 a Grand Success.

          After a long gap NFPE has conducted strike alone and only for settlement of Postal Sectional demands and it is made grand success by our Comrades.

          Out of 10 demands, three demands have already been settled by the Department. One demand, Declaration of result of membership Verification has been submitted to Minister (C) by Secretary (P) for approval.

          GDS Committee Report: Some queries were raised by the Finance Ministry and reply has been sent by the department. It will be implemented very soon.

          On other demands Department has started action.

          The Position of strike, Circle wise is placed below:


Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Assam, North East, Tamilnadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisharg


Telangana , UP, M P ,AP, Punjab, Haryana, HP , Bihar


Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, J&K , Karnataka , Gujarat




Friday 11 August 2017



The 31st AIC of AIPEU Group ‘C’ was held at Freedom Park, Bangalore (Karnataka) from 06.08.2017 to 09.08.2017. The programme commenced with flag hoisting on 06.08.2017 from 10:00 AM National flag was hoisted by Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, and Confederation. NFPE flag was hoisted by Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE & General Secretary AIPRPA. AIPEU Group ‘C’ flag was hoisted by Com. J. Ramamurthy, All India President of P3 CHQ.

After that floral tributes were paid to the Martyrs by all leaders, delegates and visitors.

The inaugural open session was conducted from 10:30 AM on 06.08.2017. The open session was Presided over by Com. J. Ramamurthy, All India President of Union. The programme commenced with state song of Karnataka performed by a group of Children artists and enlightening the lamp.

The Chairman ReceptionCommittee Sri. P. Sreedhar Reddy, Chairman, PSR Group of companies presented a key note address for welcoming of all leaders ,guests ,delegates and visitors. Com. G. Janakiram, General Secretary, Reception Committee also welcomed the Guests, leaders, delegates and visitors.

Reception Committee honoured all the Chief Guests and Guests of honour by garlanding and by presenting shawls and mementos which include Com. Tapan Sen, MP (Rajya Sabha), General Secretary, CITU, Sri. A. N. Nanda, Secretary, Department of Posts, Sri. M. Krishnappa, Minister for Housing, Govt. of Karnataka, Sri. Charls Lobo, Chief PMG Karnataka, Coms. K. K. N. Kutty, President, Confederation, M. Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation, R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE & General Secretary, AIPEU Group ‘C’, Giriraj Singh, President NFPE & General Secretary, R3, J. Ramamurty, President AIPEU Group ‘C’, C. C. Pillai, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE, K. Ragavendran, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE, K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary, P3, V. A. N. Namboodiri, Ex-President, BSNL Employees Union, R. Seethalakshmi, Ex-General Secretary, P4, Vikram Shah, General Secretary, P4, P. Suresh, General Secretary, R4. S. B. Yadav, General Secretary, Postal Accounts, Virendra Tiwari, General Secretary, SBCO Assn. P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS, P. Mohan General Secretary, Casual Labourers union.

The inaugural/open session was inaugurated by Com. Tapan Sen, M. P. (Rajaya Sabha), General Secretary, CITU. In his inaugural speech Com. Tapan Sen, elaborately described the impact of neo-liberal economic policies  being pursued by the Govt. of India on working class and he stressed the need of united trade union struggles to resist the attacks in the form of outsourcing, Contractorisation/Privatisation and  amendment in labour laws and withdrawal of social security, pension and welfare schemes. He stated that this Govt. is looking after the interests of corporates and capitalists and not concerned about farmers, workers and common man of this country. He appealed to entire working class to launch serious agitational programs to resist the anti-common people move of this Govt.

Shri. A. N. Nanda, Secretary, Department of Posts was also present as a Chief Guest. He graced the AIC and extended his best wishes for success of AIC as Chief Guest. He elaborately described the changes taking place in the department after introduction of technology and new premium services and it’s impact. He stressed the need of working together by the employees and administration for the development of the Department.

Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation elaborately spoken on the issues related to 7th CPC and problems of C. G. Employees and Postal Employees.

Com. K. K. N. Kutty, President, Confederation also stated about the position of Govt. and NC (JCM) on the 7th CPC related issues and other demands of C. G. Employees.

Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE stated the problems prevailing in Postal Department and justified the call of one day strike on 23rd August 2017 and clarified the Charter of demands. He appealed to all to make one day strike a grand success.

Other above mentioned leaders and General Secretaries also addressed the open session and graced the AIC.

In the Afternoon Women Convention was conducted in which large number of Women employees from Karnataka participated and all women committee members of All India Union also participated.

In evening a very good cultural programme was organized by the artists of Bangalore.

The house was constituted informally and Agenda was approved. Delegates session was started in the night of 06.08.2017 from 10 PM to 12 PM in which Biennial Report was presented by General Secretary. On dated 07.08.2017 Delegate session commenced from 10 AM and all the Circle Secretaries, presented their report on behalf of their respective circle. After that about 100 delegates took part in deliberation and it was adjourned in the night and again it was resumed on 08.08.2017. All CHQ office bearers and Mahila Committee members presented their views.

The following resolution Committees were formed with the appointment of conveners mentioned against each.


System Administrators

Com. S. S. Palav, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra


Postmaster Cadre

Com. L. P. Saikia, President, Assam


PO & RMS Accounts

Com. B. Samal, Circle Secretary, Odisha


Cadre Restructuring

Com. B. Samal, Circle Secretary, Odisha


New Pension Scheme

Com. Janardan Majumdar, Dy. General Secretary


Task Force Committee Report

Com. P. K. Muralidharan, Circle Secretary, Kerala


R. T. P. Issues

Com. U. K. Tiwari, Organising General Secretary


Women Employees Issues

Com. Nanda Sen, Vice President

&Com. Geeta Bhattacharjee, Mahila Committee Member


CBS/CIS/CSI & other Computerrelated issues

Com. T. P. Abdul Rahiman, AGS & Com. Shalini Bhardwaj, Mahila Committee, Member


Shortage of Staff and Recruitment

Com. Jagdish Dhiman, Circle Secretary, Punjab&

Com. S. S. Palav, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra


C. G. Employees demands

Com. S. Raghupathy, AGS


Contributory Negligence

Com. A. Veeramani, AGS


Sportsman’s problems

Com. Prabht Ranjan, Circle Secretary, Jharkhand


Pension related issues

Com. Venkateshwaralu, Circle Secretary, Andhra Pradesh, Com. SSRA Prasad Dep. C/S Telengana


Trade Union Victimization and grant of Trade union facilities to BPEF

Com. S. S. Palav, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra


MACP related issues

Com. Kuldeep Sharma, Circle Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir & Com. H.S. Guleria Circle Secretary HP Circle


Special issues related to North East Region

Com. Ramani Bhattachajee, Circle Secretary, North East &

Com. Mausami Majumdar, Circle Secretary, Assam


7th CPC Anomalies

Com. S. A. R. Mazgaonkar, Working President &

Com. S. S. Palav, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra


Filling of Vacant Posts & Shortage of Staff

Com. R. K. Chaubey, Circle Secretary, Madhya Pradesh

Com. V. B. Pachauri, Deputised, Circle Secretary, Uttar Pradesh



Com. Anneswa  Viswas, Circle Secretary, west Bengal


Other Premium Services

Com. H. S. Guleria, Circle Secretary, Himachal Pradesh

A credential committee was also formed under Convenorship of Com. Janardan Majumdar, Dy. General Secretary.

The resolution on the subjects were presented and adopted by the house unanimously Policy and Programme resolution was also unanimously adopted by the house.

The credential report was also presented by Com. Janardan Majumdar Dy. General Secretary.

Biennial Report and Audited accounts report was also approved by the house.

The following constitutional amendments were also approved by the house.

Article 31 (ii) shall be added as under:

Their representative power shall be calculated as per the voting power of the earlier circle Conference. In respect of circle office bearers it will be restricted to the extent of 1/6th of the total voting strength of the divisions/branches.

Article 38 A

The monthly subscription of member shall be Rs.75/-

Article 39 Allocation (b)

Branch: 35.00        Circle – 20.00       All India: 16.00           NFPE: 4.00

Article 22 – Please Add after (ii) Last Paragraph

The adhoc committee if any formed by the Circle/All India Union for the effective functioning in the absence of elected representatives, the convenor of the respective Circle/Divisional/branch shall be admitted as delegate of the Conference.

Thereafter election of office bearers was held.


The following office bearers were elected unanimously.


Com. J. Ramamurthy,APM (D), T. Nagar HPO, Chennai – 600017 (Tamilnadu)

Working Presidents

Com.S. A. R. Mazgaonkar,SPM, Taj Mahal PO, Mumbai - 400001 (Maharastra)

Com.G. Janakiram, Agaram PO- 560007, Bangalore (Karnataka)

Vice Presidents

Com. Nanda Sen, PA, Siliguri HO – 734001 (West Bengal)

Com. Jagdish Dhiman,Postmaster Grade – I, Sector – 20 PO, Chandigarh - 160020 (Punjab)

General Secretary

Com. R. N. Parashar, APM (A/Cs), Mathura HO - 281001 (Uttar Pradesh)

Deputy General Secretary

Com. Janardan Majumdar,PA, Princep Street PO, Kolkata – 700072 (West Bengal)

Assistant General Secretaries

Com.T. P. Abdul Rahiman, APM, Ottapalam HO - 679101 (Kerala)

Com. A. Veeramani,PA, Anna Road HPO,Chennai - 600002, (Tamilnadu)

Com. S. Raghupathy, PA, Park Town HPO, Chennai – 600003 (Tamilnadu)

Financial Secretary

Com. Balwinder Singh, PRI (P), Patel Nagar P.O. New Delhi – 110008

Assistant Financial Secretary

Com.Naresh Gupta,Asst. Manager, Postal Store Depot(PSD) Ambala - 133001 (Haryana)

Organizing General Secretaries

Com. U. K. Tiwari,P.A, Patna GPO - 800001 (Bihar)

Com.Prabhat Ranjan, SPM, BCCL Koyla Nagar, Dhanbad (Jharkhand)

Com. Mausumi Mazumdar, OA, Divisional Office,Dibrugarh - 786001(Assam)

The following Women Sub Committee was also elected.


Com. Geeta Bhattacharjee (Delhi)


Com. Shalini Bhardwaj, (Punjab)


Com. P. Rema (Kerala)

Com. K. K. Jagadamma (Kerala)

Com. R. Manimegalai (Tamilnadu)

Com. Angel Sathyanathan (Tamilnadu)

Com. A. Balarmathi (Tamilnadu)

Com. Vandanan Pai (Maharashtra)

Com. Chaitra Gowda (Karanataka)

Com. Sarla Bai (Karnataka)

Com. Pushpeshree Devi (Talangana)

Com. Charissa Myrthong (North East)

Com. Mausami Bhattacharjee (West Bengal)

Com. Nanda Sen & Mausami Majumdar will be ex-officio member of Women Sub Committee.

Resolution to Gujarat & Delhi Circle Unions put in function were presented by General Secretary and approved by the house.

Resolution in appreciation of Reception Committee who made excellent arrangements in all respects was also presented by the General Secretary and approved by the house.

The felicitation to the retiring office bearers i.e. Com. R. C. Mishra, Vice President & Com. N. Chandra Shekhar, Organising General Secretarywere also given by the reception committee and CHQ.

The vote of thanks was given by Com. N. Chandra Shekhar working Chairman, Reception Committee.

General Secretary also conveyed thanks to Reception Committee and all leaders, guests delegates and visitors. The President concluded the session after all agenda was over.


Monday 7 August 2017


The 3 days session of 31st AIC of P3 NFPE Union has commenced at Freedom Park in Bengaluru today morning at 10.00 a.m. Flag hoisting, Cultural dances, Song of Karnataka marked the beginning. More than 2500 delegates and visitors thronged the big conference Hall of Freedom Park (the renamed and refurbished old jail of Bangalore). Comrades Tapen Sen (M.P and GS CITU); Shri.A N.Nanda Secretary Department of Posts; Shri.Charles Lobo CPMG Karnataka; Comrades J.Ramamurthy (CHQ President); M.Krishnan (SG Confederation); R.N.Parashar (SG NFPE & P3 GS); Giriraj Singh (President NFPE); C.C.Pillai (Ex-SG NFPE); K.Ragavendran (Ex-SG NFPE & GS AIPRPA); K.V.Sridharan (Ex-GS P3); VAN.Namboodiri (Patron NCCPA); R.Seethalakshmi (Ex-GS P4); and all General Secretaries graced the dais. It is going to be a very important session of this biggest union of Postal Employees as many issues of most vital nature will be deliberated. Shri.P.SreedharvReddy Chairman Reception Committee and Comrades G.Janakiraman General Convenor & N.Chandrasekar Whg.Chairman of Reception Committee made very excellent arrangements and also present and guided the eventful inaugural session.