Thursday 29 January 2015

Issue discussed in CWC meeting held at Malavali (Pune) on 27.01.15 & 28.01.15.

1. Com. P K Kharat -  CBS, Shortage of staff ,holding of Workshop, Inclusion of all circle office
bearers in Bi-monthly & four monthly  meeting by way of rotation. Membership verification 2015,”Maharashtra Circle Post”  Golden jubilee celebration.

2. Com.Girnale- Formation of NFPE (GDS). Circle have to take wait & watch roll till membership
verification process. Enhancement of Treasury Allowance.

3. Com.Magdum-HRA problem in Kolhapur Dn,CBS, use of old Computer Hardware causing
difficulties in day to day work, Building problems. Membership verification.

4. Com.Dhumal- CBS migration and difficulties faced, Revival of silent accounts and opening of
small denomination new account  for target, holding of workshop before membership verification,Communication to be made with all Div Secretaries.

5. Com.Vaggawad- HRA problems,Building problems,Transfer & Postings problems, Harassment for target ,provision of basic amenities,supply of coolers, Medical  funds,CGHS/AMA facility,GDS
issue,computer printers & stationery issue,Formation of NFPE (GDS)

6. Com.Surendra Palav-Membership Verification 2015,Postmaster Cadre, Problems  in CBS (Finacle),PLI (Macamish)  software, Display of work done by  Circle union on website/blog of
the circle union.Transfer u/r 38. Direct approach of some Div Sec to CO/RO. Formation  of NFPE
(GDS) union

7. Com.Sathe- Problem in CBS & PLI migration, PLI Service Tax ,MSEB bills rebooking ,COD Parcel , Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan,Building problems,Supply of Fake currency notes detectors, shortage of staff, Repatriation of staff on deputation to CO/RO/DO, Supply of Dongal  due to network problem.

8. Com.Suresh Savant-Remittance of Circle Quota, Direct Correspondence/Discussions from D.O
level to CHQ level without knowledge of circle union  & protocol should be observed by all
Div./Reg Secrataries. Membership verification.

9. Com.Manoj Jamdade-Use of Book named “Shidori Niyamanchi” written by Com,B G
Tamhankar,organization of “Retirement Felicitation Programme” of Com.M V Parab, C. S.
Membership verification.

10. Com.Mohan Vibhute-Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,MSEB bills rebooking,need of CCTV
cameras,Building problems,PLI service tax,Supply of Water Purifiers, Transfer & Postings of
ACCTT,holding of workshop at CO level on the basis of Vidisha Study Camp, Difficulties in
formation of NFPE(GDS). Formation of Whats App group for circle office bearers.

11. Com.Vijay Ayare- Harassment by Div Heads,Shortage of staff,membership verification
programme 2015,Single duty of delivery Postmasters.

12. Com.G R Khedekar-Shortage of staff ,  deployment  of additional staff and supply of required
computer  hardware in Project Arrow/CBS/PLI migrated offices,issue of stamp sale work given to
MPCM counters, Filling up of vacancies of norm based LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I posts as per guidelines
of the Directorate,Membership verification , Irregular extension of trade union facilities to BDKS
union. Transfer u/r 38.

13. Com.Mangesh V Parab Circle Secretary given answer to all the problem raised by the CWC member like CBS/PLI migration, New Recruitment, DPC, MACP , Counter hours ,MMS schedule,target, Society election, Membership verification-2015,Formation of NFPE(GDS) branch, Trade union facilities extended to BDKS union. Transfer u/r 38. Repairing of union office ,
purchase of Laptop for union correspondence, New accommodation for union work in Mumbai .

14. Com.J H Pawar- Membership verification-2015,Formation of NFPE(GDS) branch ,

15. Com.B G Tamhankar ex-Circle Secretary guided the CWC member and gave speech on Circle union Karyapadhati,Circulation of minutes of all regional level bi-monthly meeting.submission of union agenda in advance,Task Force ,Treasury Allowance, CCL,CGHS/AMA facility,Membership verification,Formation of NFPE (GDS),Revision of payment of DA arrears to Contigency paid staff.